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    Well production Testing services

    SAFWAN owns state-of-the-art equipment for Surface Production Well Testing, Well Weighing and diagnostic services and provides these services to oil operators using a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals.


    Early production facilities (EPF)

Spectrum of Expertise

Safwan Prespective

SAFWAN an Abu Dhabi UAE based regional Oil & Gas Services provider and working exclusively with Oil & Gas Sector n the Middle East Region SAFWAN Petroleum Technologies Est. was recognized in UAE in 2005, which is several years of excellence in providing pioneering, world - class solutions and services.

SAFWAN has the latest revision playing an even better role of bridge for exchanges and cooperation between other international company, clients and industry peers within the same fields. SAFWAN has been adhering to the company policy of we build relationships that stay foreve in terms of cooperation with other company, a willingness to complement each others advantages and achieve mutual development.

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Safwan Strategy

SAFWAN has been putting the right person in the right job, which allows every employee in the company to give play to their strengths. As a result, SAFWAN has both the technical and financial strengths to undertake upstream and downstream projects in Oil & Gas Production Technologies, from inception through implementation, which includes after installation sales and service support.

These capabilities combined with SAFWANs exemplary QHSE performance and immaculate control processes enable us to execute the most projects on a turnkey basis, resulting in timely completion of projects at lower costs, with reduced risk to the environment as well as to our employees, vendors, subcontractors and most specially to our Clients. Come and discover new possibilities with SAFWAN

Iso Certified

Health & Safety Management , Environmental Management, quality Management .

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