We are working cross country

SPT is gearing up to become one of the leading oil industry companies in Abu Dhabi by providing the best equipment to our clients


3 Phase Separator (1440PSIG & 2160 PSIG)


Surface Pumping System (SPS)

Triplex Pump

Booster / C-pump

Air Compressors

Diesel Driven (250 Cfm & 375 Cfm.)


Off Shore Burner Boom 60/90 Fts

On Shore Green Burner

On Shore Flare Stack

Metering Equipments

Coriolis Meter

DAQ System

Gas Galvanometer

Rigrat Systems


Gage Tank – 100 Bbl

Surge Tank- 100 Bbl

Storage Tanks - 400 Bbl and 500 Bbl


Power Generators. 100 Kva, 650 Kva

Emergency Shut Down Panel

ESD (Emergency Shut Down Pannel) -Single and three

Acid Neutralization Unit

Acid Neutralization Unit

Eruption Manifolds

Eruption Manifolds 5k and 10 k

Rock Catcher / Sand Catcher

Rock Catcher / Sand Catcher with different Mesh

Water Treatment

Water Treatment / De-Oiling Unit

Water Seal Unit

Water Seal Drum

Bug Blower

Bug Blower

Zone Tower lights

Zone 2Tower lights

Caravan and Chemical Labs

Caravan and Chemical Labs

Pipes and Elbows

Pipes and Elbows with Different Pressure ratings &

Surface Safety Valve

SSV (Surface Safety Valve) 5k & 10 K