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on-shore & Off-Shore well testing

Leading well testing and flow control services to the oil and gas industry since 2005

On-Shore Well Testing Service provides safe, customized and dependable well testing and blowout flow control for the oil and gas industry for both onshore and offshore applications. With well-designed equipment and innovative technology, we deliver complete well testing solutions and effective operations in all testing environments.

SAFWAN provides our customers a fleet of equipment for rapid mobilization to any job site and is capable of handling hazardous flow streams including H2S, CO2, solids, high wellhead pressures, and temperatures. Our processes reduce project costs, while minimizing waste and associated disposal liabilities, to produce a cleaner environment. By operating under strict QAQC procedures and documenting maintenance history on our equipment, we ensure high performance standards and customer satisfaction.

Equipments overview

Well Production Testing Services

A- Early Production facilities for Extended Testing.

B- Production GOR Testing & Exploratory Testing.

C- Three Phase Test Seperator Units.

D- Multiphase Metering Units.

Well Diagnostic Services

A- Fluid Level Analysis.

B- Dynamometer Services.

C- Pressure Transient Surveys.

sour crude & gas processing

A- Gas Oil Seperation Plant (GOSP).

B- Gas Sweetening & Dehydration.

C- Crude Dehydration, Desalting & Stabilization.

D- Gas Compression & Pipeline Transmission.

E- Power Generation & Plant Utilities.

F- Effuent Water - Treating & Disposal.